What to do if your flight is delayed because of overloaded airport flight schedule

You got a delayed flight and time on your hands, so what is next?

If you got the unfortunate luck of getting a delayed flight, then you should not panic or dread boredom. Delayed flights happen for several reasons like an overloaded flight schedule. It is no fun finding out that you will be stuck in the airport a lot longer than you should have. If you are stuck waiting around because your flight got delayed, here are some things that you can do.

Eat Up

There is no use on being upset with an empty stomach. Take advantage of some of the food stalls or restaurants that look good in or around the airport to help kill time. Not only is it an excellent way to pass the time, but you will feel a lot better after snacking on some food while you are waiting for your flight.

Lounge Pass

If you saw that your flight got delayed for more than an hour, you might not want to sit on a hard bench in a busy airport for that long. If you say that the flight delay is the airline’s fault, then you should be able to ask them for a lounge pass. You could get free wifi, comfy chairs, etc. while waiting for the plane.

Enjoy Yourself

Some airports have activity rooms like a yoga room and such that you can pop into if you are bored. If the airport that you are in does not have things like that, you can see if there is a mall or cafe near the airport. That way you can enjoy your time and have some fun before you get on the plane and take your mind off of the stress.

Know Why The AIrport Schedule Got Overloaded

Another important thing that you should do is find out why the schedule got overloaded. Was it the airport’s fault because of negligence and lack of organization skills? These are essential facts to know to help you in the future. If you find out that it is the fault of the airline, you could get a lot more than what you spent through compensation alone.

Get Compensation For More Than Three Hours Delay

If your flight got delayed and it would last a lot longer than three hours, then you have the right to get compensated. Flights with delays that are less than three hours can usually get food and lounge vouchers. However, any delay longer than three hours deserves to be compensated well for wasting your time and cash.

What Is AirClaim

AirClaim is a business that can help you get the compensation that you need and more from the airline after delaying your flight. They also deal with other things like damaged or lost baggage, canceled flights, etc. If you feel like you are getting compensated for the trouble that you went through, AIrClaim is there to help you deal with the problem.